Sound Systems – EVAC

Consulting Services
• Design of public address systems for projects of any size
• Sound system design for emergency purposes EVAC (NFPA 72 / ISO 7240-19)
• Preparation of tender documents
• Measurement and analysis of existing systems
• Prediction of speech intelligibility STI according to IEC 60268-16
• Certification according to IEC 60849, ISO 7240-19, DIN VDE 0833-4
• Commissioning, optimization and verification measurements
Supply & Installation of Complete Sound Systems:
• Church sound systems
• Conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, custom systems
• Installation, commissioning, programming, tuning and service
Here are some of our sound systems:

Road tunnels

"Tunnelhorn" in road tunnel
Measurements in road tunnel
Services: Sound system design, Measurements, Commissioning
Clients: various

Weissensee Church

Weissensee Church
Measurement and tuning of the new system
Altar area
Services: New Sound System Installation
Client: Ev. Kirchengemeinde Weissensee

Village Church Schöneberg

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Services: Sound system installation
Client: Ev. Kirchengemeinde Alt-Schöneberg

Pergamonmuseum, Berlin

Performing measurements near Ishtar-Gate
Measuring instruments inside Pergamonmuseum
Pre-evaluation of obtained data
Instalation of equipment inside
Room acoustic measurements in 2010
Testing of preliminary soundsystems
Additional testing in various shaped rooms
Services: PA system design, test installation and measurements of speech transmission index STI
Client: tsm Gesellschaft für angewandte Studiotechnik mbH

John F. Kennedy school

Services: Public address system design, simulation and commissioning
Client: le-vi Elektrovertrieb GmbH


Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Stadion
Measuring site at the main stand
Speakers for the audience
Services: Measurement of Speech Transmission Index STI and rating of speech intelligibility
Client: Senatsverwaltung für Inneres und Sport (SenInnSp), Berlin

Train station Hamburg Altona

Services: Sound systems design for Emergency Purposes acc. to DIN EN 60849 / VDE 0833-4, Room acoustic consulting
Client: DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

Voov Festival / VuuV

Dancing crowd
Trussing setup for loudspeakers
Legendary Martin Audio F2 System
Amp city with Hugo controllers
Services: Sound Design, Measurement & Tuning
Customer: Voov Experience / Vuuv

Airport train station in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel

View from one end of station (© D. Michel)
End of tunnel with speakers at 0-time (© D. Michel)
Intellivox in stainless steel column (© D. Michel)
Intellivox in stainless steel column (© D. Michel)
Services: Design, predictions, commissioning of sound system
Customer: Duran Audio
Blick von der Empore View from the gallery

Vater-Unser-Church Berlin

View from the gallery
Lectern with speaker column on the right
Impulse response with flutter echo in the center of the room
Old (blue) and new (green) frequency response
Services: System Design, Commissioning & Tuning
Customer:  Straesser Berlin

Ampelmann Restaurant

Ampelmann Restaurant
Pair of loudspeakers
Pair of loudspeakers
Custom Controls
System response: green (unfiltered), blue (Filtered), turqoise: filter curve
Services: Design, Installation, Tuning
Customer: Ampelmann GmbH

Sharm El Sheikh Airport

View of the Terminal at dusk
Check-in Hall
Arrival Gates
Baggage Claim Hall; Intellivox 6c in left of picture
Jakob Kraft during commissioning
Terminal by night
Services: System Design, Room-acoustics, Predictions, Commissioning, Measurements
Client: CSI Egypt, Bosch Security Systems

Odeon Munich

Atrium in the "Odeon"
Prediction model
Measured reverberation time
Measurement setup during commissioning
STI measurements
Loudspeaker after installation
Services: Sound System Design, Measurements, room-acoustic consulting
Customer: MEDIA-tek Bodenkirchen, Building Authorities Munich

Altana AG

Foyer Altana AG, acoustic model
Foyer Altana AG, acoustic model
Foyer Altana AG, analyst meeting and press conference
Services: Design & commissioning of sound system
Customer: Altana AG, Germany

German Historical Museum

The Schlueterhof finishing reconstruction
DSP-controlled line-array mounted to truss
Setup for a speech situation
Almost invisible DSP-column during an evening event
Services: System Design, Commissioning
Client: BBM Black Box Music, others
Filiale Berlin-Nord, Lautsprecher mittig Duran Loudspeakers in a Berlin Branch (center)

Albers Wettboerse (OTB)

Bottrop Branch, Bosch Loudspeakers
Duran Loudspeakers in a Berlin Branch (right)
Duran Loudspeakers in a Berlin Branch (center)
Duran Loudspeakers in a Berlin Branch (right)
Services: Planning, Installation, Measurements, Programming
Client: Albers Wettboerse Berlin off-track betting
Bühne mit Bass-Array und Hauptbeschallung Stage withe Bass-Array and Main PA

Wiesen Festival in Austria

Stage withe Bass-Array and Main PA
View from outside into tent
Frequency Response ´as is´
Frequency Response after final tuning
Simulation Bass-Array
Simulation Bass-Array (Electronic Sub Arc)
Services: Design, commissioning of sound system
Client: WIESEN Festival GmbH, Backstage

Luisen Church

Luisen Church
Song display with integrated loudspeaker
Song display with integrated loudspeaker
Services: Installation, commissioning
Client: Luisenkirche Berlin
Sony Center Berlin. Hauptbeschallung mit Intellivox 2C Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C

Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C
Sony Center Berlin, Steel column with built-in Intellivox 2B
Sony Center Berlin, Intellivox 2B at storefront
Services: Design, Predictions, Measurements of the audio system
Customer: Sony/Tishman Speyer
Estrel Saal, Blick auf die Bühne Estrel Hall, view of the stage

Estrel Hotel

Estrel Hall, view of the stage
4kHz mapping, programming for 1st part of hall only
4kHz mapping, programming for 1st and 2nd part of hall
4kHz mapping, programming for entire hall
Estrel Hall, view of the line-array
Estrel Hall, view of the stage
Estrel Hall, view of the stage
Estrel Hall, line-array
Services: Consulting, Planning, Measurements, Training
Client: Estrel HotelDuran Audio Germany

SAP LAB Campus

Interactive presentation room
Newtec-Audio UFO design speaker
Built-in Bohlender & Graebener Z-Line
Services: planning, installation, commissioning
Customer: CB.e, Accenture