Environmental Noise

We measure, predict and evaluate any kind of noise:
• Environmental and industrial noise
• Construction &Traffic noise
• Audience protection against high sound exposure of electroacoustic sound systems
• Noise at work spaces
• Noise from music & guests in bars, pubs, restaurants, dance halls and from events

Our services:
• Prediction of environmantal noise (noise mappings)
• Sound level measurements and long-term monitoring
• Consulting and sound system limiting for events, bars, clubs, restaurants
• Limiting of Multi-Channel-PA-Systems
• Rental and sale of sound level limiters

For more about sound level limiting you can download our leaflets (German only):
Sound level limiting for events (pdf) and Sound level limiting for fixed locations (pdf)
Some example for environmental noise projects:

Pubs & Bars in Berlin

Services: Level controlling / Limiting, noise predictions Client: Various Year: 2003-now Here are some pubs, restaurants and clubs which we have helped on noise issues since 2003


room acoustic measurements
Services: Sound level measurements – Room acoustic consulting
Client: Schwuz Kulturveranstaltungs GmbH

Apartment building

Services: Building acoustic consulting, prediction of outdoor noise levels
Client: Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH

Ritter Butzke

environmental noise prediction
Services: Sound immission prognosis
Client: Guerilla Production Berlin GmbH

Kater Holzig

measurement device at reference point
measurement device at reference point
Services: Level controlling / Limiting
Client: KaterHolzig GmbH
Bühne mit Bass-Array und Hauptbeschallung Stage withe Bass-Array and Main PA

Wiesen Festival in Austria

Stage withe Bass-Array and Main PA
View from outside into tent
Frequency Response ´as is´
Frequency Response after final tuning
Simulation Bass-Array
Simulation Bass-Array (Electronic Sub Arc)
Services: Design, commissioning of sound system
Client: WIESEN Festival GmbH, Backstage
Sony Center Berlin. Hauptbeschallung mit Intellivox 2C Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C

Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C
Sony Center Berlin, Steel column with built-in Intellivox 2B
Sony Center Berlin, Intellivox 2B at storefront
Services: Design, Predictions, Measurements of the audio system
Customer: Sony/Tishman Speyer