Public Buildings

Pergamonmuseum, Berlin

Performing measurements near Ishtar-Gate
Measuring instruments inside Pergamonmuseum
Pre-evaluation of obtained data
Instalation of equipment inside
Room acoustic measurements in 2010
Testing of preliminary soundsystems
Additional testing in various shaped rooms
Services: PA system design, test installation and measurements of speech transmission index STI
Client: tsm Gesellschaft für angewandte Studiotechnik mbH

Apartment building

Services: Building acoustic consulting, prediction of outdoor noise levels
Client: Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH

Train station Hamburg Altona

Services: Sound systems design for Emergency Purposes acc. to DIN EN 60849 / VDE 0833-4, Room acoustic consulting
Client: DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

Fritz-Kühn-School, Berlin

room acoustic measurements
room acoustic measurements
room acoustic measurements
Services: Room acoustic consulting
Client: Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick von Berlin

Odeon Munich

Atrium in the "Odeon"
Prediction model
Measured reverberation time
Measurement setup during commissioning
STI measurements
Loudspeaker after installation
Services: Sound System Design, Measurements, room-acoustic consulting
Customer: MEDIA-tek Bodenkirchen, Building Authorities Munich

German Historical Museum

The Schlueterhof finishing reconstruction
DSP-controlled line-array mounted to truss
Setup for a speech situation
Almost invisible DSP-column during an evening event
Services: System Design, Commissioning
Client: BBM Black Box Music, others
Sony Center Berlin. Hauptbeschallung mit Intellivox 2C Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C

Sony Center Berlin

Sony Center Berlin. Main system Intellivox 2C
Sony Center Berlin, Steel column with built-in Intellivox 2B
Sony Center Berlin, Intellivox 2B at storefront
Services: Design, Predictions, Measurements of the audio system
Customer: Sony/Tishman Speyer