projects Beschallung

Weissensee Church

Weissensee Church
Measurement and tuning of the new system
Altar area
Services: New Sound System Installation
Client: Ev. Kirchengemeinde Weissensee

Village Church Schöneberg

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Services: Sound system installation
Client: Ev. Kirchengemeinde Alt-Schöneberg

Pergamonmuseum, Berlin

Performing measurements near Ishtar-Gate
Measuring instruments inside Pergamonmuseum
Pre-evaluation of obtained data
Instalation of equipment inside
Room acoustic measurements in 2010
Testing of preliminary soundsystems
Additional testing in various shaped rooms
Services: PA system design, test installation and measurements of speech transmission index STI
Client: tsm Gesellschaft für angewandte Studiotechnik mbH


room acoustic measurements
Services: Sound level measurements – Room acoustic consulting
Client: Schwuz Kulturveranstaltungs GmbH

Train station Hamburg Altona

Services: Sound systems design for Emergency Purposes acc. to DIN EN 60849 / VDE 0833-4, Room acoustic consulting
Client: DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

Airport train station in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel

View from one end of station (© D. Michel)
End of tunnel with speakers at 0-time (© D. Michel)
Intellivox in stainless steel column (© D. Michel)
Intellivox in stainless steel column (© D. Michel)
Services: Design, predictions, commissioning of sound system
Customer: Duran Audio