About us

Akustikbüro Rahe-Kraft is an independent and owner operated consulting company.

Rahe-Kraft was founded in 2001 by Peter Rahe und Jakob Kraft. Tobias Kirchner joined us in 2010; since then we are equal partners, directors, project managers and (most of all) dedicated to our clients. The three of us combined look back on over 50 years of experience in the acoustics business.

Peter Rahe

Peter Rahe started as sound engineer in the event industry, where he eventually met Jakob Kraft.  Peter takes care of all railroad projects and is the creative head in the company.  Besides Rahe-Kraft, Peter runs his own recording studio. Peter is also into audio networks and is “Dante Level 2” certified by Audinate.

Dante certified level 2

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Jakob Kraft

Jakob Kraft is originally a live-sound engineer and has a degree in event engineering (Meister für Veranstaltungstechnik).  He takes care of all churches and mosques as well as our airport projects worldwide.  He is also the critical voice in the company and looks over our finances. Jakob Kraft is TÜV-certified “verantwortliche Person für Sprachalarmanlagen nach DIN14675”.

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Tobias Kirchner

Tobias Kirchner added his experience with architectural room-acoustics and building acoustics to the company in 2007.  He is our wizard in developing in-house software tools and process optimization, and is project manager for all room- and building acoustics projects.

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Jannik Beining

Jannik Beining wrote his Master Thesis about classroom acoustics in cooperation with Rahe-Kraft.  His technical and human skills convinced us to hire him after he finished his studies.  Since March 2013 he is part of our team and manages room-acoustics projects for schools, environmental noise measurements and loudspeaker system installations.

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Erik Stahnke

Erik Stahnke joined the team early 2014. Erik manages room acoustics projects, public adress system design and environmental measurements. Erik allways keeps track of the entire project, he deeply investigate any small aspect during the planning process, and he ask the right questions at the right time to serve the client with the best possible solution.

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Ulrich Peschel

Ulrich Peschel joined our team early 2015 as project manager for building acoustics, environmental noise investigations and road traffic noise.

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