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We measure, predict and evaluate any kind of noise:
• Environmental and industrial noise
• Construction &Traffic noise
• Audience protection against high sound exposure of electroacoustic sound systems
• Noise at work spaces
• Noise from music & guests in bars, pubs, restaurants, dance halls and from events

Our services:
• Prediction of environmantal noise (noise mappings)
• Sound level measurements and long-term monitoring
• Consulting and sound system limiting for events, bars, clubs, restaurants
• Limiting of Multi-Channel-PA-Systems
• Rental and sale of sound level limiters

For more about sound level limiting you can download our leaflets (German only):
Sound level limiting for events (pdf) and Sound level limiting for fixed locations (pdf)
Some example for environmental noise projects:

Pubs & Bars in Berlin

Services: Level controlling / Limiting, noise predictions Client: Various Year: 2003-now Here are some pubs, restaurants and clubs which we have helped on noise issues since 2003


Services: Sound level measurements – Room acoustic consulting
Client: Schwuz Kulturveranstaltungs GmbH

Apartment building

Services: Building acoustic consulting, prediction of outdoor noise levels
Client: Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH