Friday June 23rd, 2017

INSUL v9 released

INSUL v9 – new features compared to version 8

  • Better utilisation of small or big screens. (Elements of interface can be re-arranged for personal preference)
  • Prediction of floating floors using polystyrene or mineral wool with concrete screed on top.
  • Double absorptive blankets can be selected (means illustrations can be more realistic)
  • Prediction of external cladding systems using PIR or Polystyrene insulation
  • Better auralisation with a user expandable library of sounds. Ability to record auralisations for later replay without INSUL
  • New types of connections and improved illustrations
  • Thermal insulation of glazing (according to EN 673)
  • Database of steel or timber studs (standard sizes selected from menu).
  • Pitched roofs can now be predicted
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Apple Mac Os) (this may be a couple of months away)
  • Better search through materials files.
  • Filtering lists by category or manufacturer.
  • New types of frames/connections such as Batten and Cradle isolation pads
  • Add copy and paste functions to composite TL calculator, and to outdoor-indoor calculator (so you can transfer results).

The upgrade is available here: