Thursday December 3rd, 2015

Penta Techsecure & Rahe-Kraft Partnership

Akustikbüro Rahe-Kraft and Penta Techsecure announce partnership for design services in EMEA region

penta techsecure logo

Penta Techsecure LLC is an engineering company with in Dubai, providing high-quality design and engineering services for audio communication and security solutions.  Penta Techsecure LLC has its headquarters in Dubai and operates throughout MENA and the Indian subcontinent.  They provide complete engineering services from constultancy all the way to commissioning, extending into post warranty life cycle management.

Rahe-Kraft and Ramji Krishnan, founder and Managing Director of Penta Techsecure, are looking back on a 10-year period of successful cooperation in numerous projects in Dubai.

The purpose of the partnership is to provide a manufacturer-independent front-end in the Middle East for public address project, in order to provide a direct communication link with clients in the region.

Rahe-Kraft has trained Techsecure’s top engineers on sound design and loudspeaker technology to enable them to provide qualified public address designs for new projects and handle new projects locally, while Rahe-Kraft will provide further in-depth acoustic studies & measurements whenever required.

We are looking forward to new joint projects in the Middle East!