Rahe-Kraft is the official distributor for IRIS, INSUL, ZORBA and SONarchitect ISO for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands and for SU²CATT worldwide.

IRIS_LogoIRIS is a powerful and user friendly measurement system for capturing and analysing room impulse responses in 3D. Beside measuring standard room acoustic parameters (ISO 3382) IRIS allows to analyse room reflections, theirs direction and theirs intensity.


INSUL is a software tool for prediction of the sound reduction index R of constructions. Single, double and triple panel constuctions can be predicted, results are shown in 1/3 and 1/1 octave band values and as weighted single number values.

SONarchitect ISO SONarchitect ISO is a software tool for the Estimation of acousitc performance of buildings from the performance of elements. The prediction algorithms according to EN 12354, parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 are implemented. The software allows building acoustic predictions of irregular room shapes and of the entire building.

ZORBAZORBA is a software tool for calculating the sound absorption coefficient of porous materials and panel absorbers (perforated and unperforated, slat or slot absorbers).

SU2CATTRahe-Kraft develops and distributes the SketchUp plug-in SU²CATT. This plug-in converts SketchUp models to the CATT-Acoustic *.GEO file format.