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Double walls

INSUL – Demo version / Request for 30 day trial licence

INSUL is a software tool for prediction the sound reduction index R of constructions. The software development started more than 10 year ago, based on research in the USA by Ben Sharp and others. The software is developed by Marshall Day Acoustics; Rahe-Kraft is the official distributor for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium.


  • Prediction of sound reduction index R for single, double and triple panel constructions (walls, ceilings, floorings)
  • Prediction of impact noise for slab constructions
  • Prediction of rain noise (ISO 140-18)
  • Prediction of glazings (up to 3 panels, different glas types, thickness and spacings)
  • Prediction of sandwich panels and trapezoidal profiled metal panels
  • Predicion of airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound (EN 12354-3)
  • Results in 1/3 and  1/1 ocatve bands, weighted single number results
  • up to three construction layers, with different materials, thickness and spacing
  • several frame types (wooden, steel, etc.)
  • Material editor (e.g. for definition of user materials)
  • Prediction of resulting reduction index (composited constructions)
  • Auralisation
  • Export to SONarchitect ISO und Bastian
  • PDF export

More information are available on the official INSUL web page or in the software user groups in XING or linkedIn ( ).