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IRIS is a powerful and user-friendly measurement system for capturing and analysing room impulse responses in 3D. Besides measuring standard room acoustic parameters (ISO 3382), IRIS allows to analyse room reflections, their direction and their intensity.

IRIS is available in version 1.1 and is developed by  Marshall Day Acoustics.


  • 3D colour-coded representation of sound rays length indicates relative sound intensity level, angle is the ray direction, and colour represents time of arrival
  • Separate music and speech arrival time categories
  • Interactive 3D rotation and zoom

    Dynamic range and time resolution adjustment

  • Specific angle and level information for individual rays for detailed analysis
  • Broadband and octave band filtered views

irisCaseThe measurement system consists of:

  • IRIS Software and USB dongle
  • Core Sound TetraMic
  • MOTU 4pre USB audio interface
  • Custom phantom power and microphone cable adapters
  • 30 metre CAT5E STP microphone array extension cable
  • Pelican Storm case with custom foam cut-out

More informations, information to the history of this measurement method and case studies are available on the official IRIS webpage.