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SONarchitect ISO is a software tool for the Estimation of acousitc performance of buildings from the performance of elements (EN 12354). The prediction algorithms according to EN 12354, parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 are implemented. The software allows building acoustic predictions of irregular room shapes and of the entire building.

SONarchitect ISO predicts Airborne sound insulation (EN 12354-1), Impact noise (EN 12354-2), Airborne sound insulation against outdoor noise (EN 12354-3), Transmission of indoor sound to the outdoor (EN 12354-4) and Sound absorption in enclosed spaces (EN 12354-6). The internal material database is being upgraded regularly and consist at the moment of about 1200 construction.

All predictions will be performed inside one 3D-Model. Results will be analysed in detail, will be stored in a clear arrange result tree and can be exported with the report generator. Furthermore results can be auralized.


  • Prediction of airborne and impact sound insulation of adjacent rooms in the whole building
  • Material data base with over 1200 constructions
  • External database Simmons Nordic Database from Norsonic
  • Prediction of all relevant values according to ISO 140 (R, R’, Dn, DnT, L’n, L’nT, LAeq, etc.)
  • Prediction of spectrum adaption term C and Ctr (C50-3150, Ctr100-5000, etc.)
  • Detailed documentation of the results (for each sound path and each parameter) in a result tree
  • Binaurale 3D-Auralisation (HRTF’s and audio signals are implemented, additional *.wav files can be imported)
  • Material editor
  • DXF import
  • Import of INSUL predictions
  • Report generator (PDF file)

More information are available on the official SONarchitect ISO webpage or in the user groups on XING or linkedIn ( ).