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Converter for Sketchup 3D-Models

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What is SU²CATT?

SU²CATT is a SketchUp extension to export SketchUp models to CATT-Acoustic files. It exports models generated within Sketchup to the native .geo-format of CATT-Acoustic, including export of layers into several .geo-files and separate file with absorption material definition (ABS-directive in CATT). We actually developed the interface for in-house use first, and later decided that other people might benefit from it too.


  • Converts edges to CORNERS Converts faces to PLANES Converts materials to ABS
  • Turns orientation of faces on user demand
  • Inserts DOUBLESIDED-PLANES planes when material specified on both sides
  • export (MASTER)*.geo file named on user demand
  • export INCLUDES.geo files on user demand
  • export ABS_def file on user demand
  • GUI elements
  • Toolbar button “Export to CATT-Acoustic”, “Options”
  • Sub-menu “SU²CATT” in “Plug-ins” with entries “Export to CATT-Acoustic”, “Options”, “Help”, “About…”
  • Context menu entry “Export to CATT-Acoustic”
  • Context menu entry “Export ABS_defs”
  • Context menu entry “Correct Orientation”
  • PDF Help…in english

New in Version 2.0:

  • Rewritten code for Ruby 2.0 compatibility for SketchUp 2013 and above
  • Fully compatible with user rights on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • New installation routine for plugin and license key
  • Debug function „Show surfaces with holes“
  • Debug function „Show surfaces with no materials assigned“

System Requirements:

  • Windows® PC with Windows 7 or 8.1.or Windows 10.
  • SketchUp from SU 2013 to latest SU 2019.
  • Both SketchUp versions “Make” and “Pro” are supported. Browser based versions (like SketchUp Free 2018) are not supported.
  • A wheel mouse with clickable wheel, since this makes navigation within the model much easier.
  • CATT Acoustic up to v9.x.

Download Manual for Version 2.0

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Purchase SU2CATT full license.

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