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ZORBA – Demo version / Request 30 days trial licence

ZORBA is a software tool for calculating the sound absorption coefficient of porous materials and panel absorbers (perforated and unperforated, slat or slot absorbers). Actual software version is ZORBA 3.0. The software is developed by Marshall Day Acoustics.


  • Predictions of porouse absorber with different flow resistivity
  • Prediction of slat or slot absorbers
  • Prediction of perforated or unperforated panels
  • 1/3 octave band, 1/1 octave band and weighted sound absorption coefficients (aw, NRC)
  • Different prediction models (Rayleigh, Mechel, Allard & Champoux, Delany & Bazley, Beranek, Wassilieff, Dunn & Davey, Stinson)
  • Export as PDF or directly to the clipboard

More information are available on the official ZORBA web page www.zorba.co.nz or in the software user groups on XING or linkedIn ( ).