Corporate Responsibility

We believe that companies should show responsibility for the environment just as much as citizens should.

We try to do as many things as possible to save the planet–many of them are very simple and do not cost much:

  • We print only on recycling paper.
  • Our office runs on exclusively on green energy, and our provider EWS Schönau doesn’t produce or deal with nuclear or fossil energy.
  • For all our business flights (which are unavoidable sometimes), we compensate the emitted amount of CO2 via atmosfair.
  • We have our business accounts with a responsible bank, the Ethikbank, because we don’t want our money in any nuclear plants or arms factories.
  • Our first fully electric car was added to our fleet in October 2016, a Renault Zoe.

There are many things that companies can do to save the planet–we hope that others will follow.