Donnerstag, der 14. Mai 2015

INSUL Update 8.0.4

Ein neues Update für INSUL 8.0 steht zur Verfügung. Leider funktioniert das automatische Update nicht. Laden Sie bitte das Update herunter und installieren Sie dies.

Folgende Bugfixes und Änerungen sind enthalten:

  • Added new “double masonry” connection type to model double masonry walls tested in laboratories where there is a small trace of flanking. Note this may over predict results from older laboratories where the two masonry walls are not so well isolated from each other.
  • Fixed small non-reciprocity for non-symmetrical lining of timber stud walls.
  • Restored some missing materials
  • Minor changes to printouts of ceilings and floors
  • Outdoor to indoor calc page can now be open at the same time as the main INSUL window
  • Added some Porotherm Bricks, and Austral Verticore bricks
  • Tidied up Fletcher Insulation absorption products
  • Added a new connection “Steel spring hanger” to model a ceiling hung via steel hangers such as Mason W30 , or Kinetics ICC-50.
  • The illustration for timber joists can be changed amongst 4 different possibilities (calculation is unchanged, just the picture)
  • Added new joist option (resilient strip or batten on top of joist, with resilient rail underneath). This is modelled on the James Hardie QStrip.
  • Previously one could have a different absorber in a wall cavity to a ceiling cavity, so if you switched between wall and ceiling the absorber changed. I decided this was confusing and so now the absorber is the same.
  • Added overall D2m,nT to Outdoor to Indoor calculation display.
  • Added ability to calculate and display the difference between two R or Ln spectra (see “Table” page). Changed the behaviour of the “Set Comparison” buttons (and replicated them on the table page).
  • Replaced “Set Reference” check boxes with buttons above the relevant columns on the table.
  • Ctrl C and V work in the table page as per usual Windows behaviour (sorry it’s taken so long)
  • Fixed some translation issues, (improved layout, but some translations still to catch up with sorry)
  • After extensive comparisons between lab data and predictions we have increased the low frequency cavity damping by 35%. This reduces the depth of the low frequency dip.
  • Minor change to cavity damping for double glazed windows that use laminated glass.
  • Fixed bug where changing insulation in floor cavity did not get changed in the “Description” tab.
  • Added search/filter function for cavity insulation, can search on fragment of text in the absorber description
  • Added the variable Impact anisotropy for Impact Sound Pressure Level (ISPL)calculations, which supersedes an empirical correction in previous Insul versions and is particularly relevant for light weight timber flooring
  • Fixed minor bugs for floor cover calculations, associated with updating predictions to reflect changes in damping and other variables
  • added a calculator flow resistivity to Absorber properties form
  • changes to Ortech properties
  • changed Nuralite roof properties in New Zealand materials file
  • added Lexan (Polycarbonate)
  • updated CSR Boral materials and also Boral materials list